MassHysteriaPresents: in this .net

Zoom Online Performance as part of the Trinity Laban #SelfIsolationCreation series

Commission by Trinity Laban

MassHysteriaPresents: Coco Go Loco - masshysteric chameleon

MassHysteria In Quarantine - a collaboration with thisisconceptualcrap

Trailer: Dror Shohet

MassHysteriaPresents The Game @ Tate Modern

Tate Modern London, 18. February 2020

Trailer: Dror Shohet

The Ants Inside Are Full Of Flowers

Trinity Laban Conservatoire London, Summer 2018

Music: Rotem Sherman

Choreography: Monika Blaszczak with MassHysteria 

Trailer: Dror Shohet